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Decades of Experience

Cell Tower Osprey Management, LLC (CTOM) is staffed with professional ornithologists and raptor biologists with the skills and training required to solve nesting bird problems while maintaining compliance with wildlife regulations.

Kathy Mason Maechtle
Kathy Mason MaechtlePrincipal & Owner

With 30 years experience in administration management for wildlife organizations, Kathy oversees the daily operations and administrative duties for CTOM.

  • Co-founder and Vice President of Big Horn Environmental Consultants for 20+ years
  • Master Falconer for 20 years
  • Volunteer Raptor observations and field surveys for EARTHSPAN
Marco Restani, PhD
Marco Restani, PhDSenior Raptor Scientist

Marco is a Wildlife Society Certified Wildlife Biologist and Professor Emeritus in Wildlife Ecology with more than 30 years of experience in avian ecology and biology.

  • Raptor Scientist for 30+ years; 12 years Utility Raptor Management
  • Elective Member, American Ornithological Society
  • Master Bird Bander
Clifford 'Bud' Anderson
Clifford 'Bud' AndersonSenior Raptor Biologist, CTOM Co-Founder

Bud is the inventor of the patented Osprey Nest Excluder (ONE) and has over 50 years experience in the study and research of raptor biology and migration.

  • Raptor Scientist for 55 years; 18 years Airport Raptor Management
  • Founder of the Falcon Research Group, 1985
  • Master Bird Bander

A Lifetime in the Making

The idea for Cell Tower Osprey Management, LLC (CTOM) was “hatched” by current Principal and owner Kathy Maechtle’s late husband, world-renowned raptor biologist Tom Maechtle.

Specializing in avian migration studies, the majority of Tom’s studies followed the sojourning Peregrine Falcon—from the arctic cliffs of Greenland to the southern coast of Chile. Along the way he cultivated relationships with esteemed scientists and fellow researchers, leaving his professional mark on the nascent avian satellite telemetry technology studies of the 90s.

Tom honed his research skills under the tutelage of respected avian scientists like Drs William G. Mattox, William S. Seegar, and Mark Fuller, becoming a leading raptor research biologist and building a personal board of trustees who shared their knowledge and wide-ranging resources.

When Tom met Clifford W. “Bud” Anderson, Bud had recently invented the Osprey Nest Excluder (ONE), a device specifically for preventing ospreys from nesting on cell towers. Bud sought Tom’s assistance to market the ONE, and together they discovered a void in the telecommunication industry’s knowledge regarding the biology of nesting birds and the regulations and agencies that protect them.

Tom successfully developed and marketed a plan to bridge the knowledge gap for T-Mobile, securing a service agreement shortly before his untimely death due to pancreatic cancer in December of 2016.

After a brief re-calibration, Kathy and Bud moved forward to fulfill the product and service commitments made by Tom. It is in his honor that CTOM (“See Tom”) thrives.

Our Customers Say

“The ONE has been 100% effective at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Every airport worldwide would benefit from deterring Ospreys from nesting near their runways.”
Steve Osmet, Mgr, Airport Biologist for SEA/TAC
“We are really pleased with the results so far as they [ONE] give us year round access to the towers and make them much safer for our crews…the Osprey Nest Excluder was designed with the climber in mind…”
Leif Herstad, Div Mgr, Legacy Telecommunications, Inc.
“We had another successful season at the sites we used excluders [ONE] on. We were able to service topside RRU and antenna system problems and keep vital service to our customers…”
Ralph Riggen, Sr. Technician, T-Mobile, T-MOBILE

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