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Avian Scientists with Answers to Access Issues

By using proven best practices, navigating complex regulations, and offering excluding devices, we provide innovative pathways to gain safe, legal access to your equipment as well as recommend proactive steps to protect your sites from future nesting.

Best Practices

We develop and write best practice policies for managing wireless communication assets with nesting birds.

Emergency Services

When emergency repairs are needed, we develop legal, safe, site-specific plans for accessing equipment that protect both workers and wildlife.

Regulatory Interface

We work closely with Federal, State and other Agencies charged with protecting nesting wildlife on human engineered structures.

Excluding Devices

We provide nest exclusion devices, such as the Osprey Nest Excluder, proven to proactively and retroactively exclude nesting Ospreys from cell towers.


CTOM is uniquely positioned to provide rapid response when you’re challenged by birds nesting on wireless equipment and structures. Our 24-hour emergency hotline (1-OSPREYS) and vast national network of qualified field biologists and raptor scientists ensures your concerns will be addressed within hours.

Our Customers Say

“The ONE has been 100% effective at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Every airport worldwide would benefit from deterring Ospreys from nesting near their runways.”
Steve Osmet, Mgr, Airport Biologist for SEA/TAC
“We are really pleased with the results so far as they [ONE] give us year round access to the towers and make them much safer for our crews…the Osprey Nest Excluder was designed with the climber in mind…”
Leif Herstad, Div Mgr, Legacy Telecommunications, Inc.
“We had another successful season at the sites we used excluders [ONE] on. We were able to service topside RRU and antenna system problems and keep vital service to our customers…”
Ralph Riggen, Sr. Technician, T-Mobile, T-MOBILE

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